Start-up Highlights: September 2015

  1. Sprout

Last week saw the launch of a national agritech accelerator – Sprout – designed and delivered by BCC, a Founder Incubator supported by Callaghan Innovation. Eight teams will receive a cash injection of $20,000 and be placed in a 20-week programme for mentoring from world-class business and technical experts. The programme will culminate in an opportunity to pitch for investment. Massey University, Gallagher Group, Livestock Improvement Corporation, K1W1, Enterprise Angels and Manawatu Investment Group are behind this initiative, among others. Entries are currently open. More information available here.


  1. Lightning Lab XX

Here are some interesting facts about female entrepreneurs, outlining the positive economic impact of having more of them – so why do we still have gender inequality in the start-up scene? Inspired by conversations like this, Lightning Lab is proposing the next new A-Team: an Accelerator focused on women-led start-ups. The programme will kick off early next year, and will feature some of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs. Read the latest NZ Herald cover story. More information available here, and you can also participate in an ongoing forum here.


 ICE Angel Showcase

On Thursday 24th September, ICE Angels hosted their 5th Annual Angel Investment Showcase at Sparkcity in Auckland. Every year the Showcase features leading Kiwi start-ups to the largest gathering of investors in Australasia. This year, a total of 11 companies presented their pitches, six of which are led by entrepreneurs that have previously exited companies for over $10m. More information available here.

 icehouse angel

  1. Parrot Analytics launches with BBC Worldwide as a customer

Last week, Variety – premier source of entertainment news – covered a story on the Kiwi tech start-up Parrot Analytics launching with BBC Worldwide as their client. Their technology uses data science to measure and predict content demand in various geographical locations. Co-founded and led by CEO Wared Seger, Parrot Analytics is a graduate from The Icehouse, one of the Callaghan Innovation supported founder incubators located in Auckland, as well as being a Callaghan Innovation R&D grant recipient.


Interesting fact of the day: Wared is an Alumnus of Chiasma, a national student organisation supported by Callaghan Innovation.

  1. Lightning Lab Manufacturing

With less than 60 days until the culmination of the programme, the inaugural Lightning Lab Manufacturing is well underway. Packed with exciting programmes and workshops, the participants have been talking to customers, leaning about their real-world value, and strengthening their visions. You can find the details of the participating teams here. The mentor-in-residence for Lightning Lab Manufacturing is David Cohen (featured below), who has been sharing his insights from 25 years’ experience in working with start-ups in the manufacturing sector.

LL Man

  1. CropLogic

Built upon technology from The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research and incubated at powerHouse, one of the Technology Incubators funded by Callaghan Innovation, CropLogic enables crop forecasting via sophisticated plant modelling. These models allow growers to look into the future to make better crop management decisions. Recently the company and the support that they received from Callaghan Innovation was featured in The NZ Farmers Weekly.


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