Clever Cookies: Booktrack

Callaghan Innovation customer manager Luke Krieg shares success stories among his clients in LinkedIn. He was kind enough to reproduce one here:

One thing I enjoy about working at Callaghan Innovation is the chance to engage with clever New Zealand companies all the time. This fortnightly post is your opportunity to meet them too (if you have not already) and, perhaps, find ways of working with them.

Clever Cookie:

Booktrack – Soundtracks for Books


What’s Clever:

Besides transforming the way we read, they are innovating beyond the product to the business model.


The concept sounds simple: “Soundtracks for Books”.

Booktrack synchronizes movie-style soundtracks to eBooks. Music, ambient audio, and sound effects are automatically paced to an individual’s reading speed and synchronized to match the story.

The tech is impressive – with Google promoting and referencing Booktrack on the Chrome store marketing page as one of six innovative uses of web technologies – and their list of investors also makes compelling reading. Not bad for a bunch of people operating out of an office above Subway in Takapuna. But the thing I like most about Booktrack is the fact that they have been successfully experimenting with a number of business models in parallel with their tech development.

Initially, Booktrack only offered curated titles on the Apple App Store, but soon integrated a store of their own with the reader and developed the tools to allow anyone to create their own Booktrack titles in Booktrack Studio. This latter functionality has given rise to a lively community of people publishing their own soundtracks and original works while also generating an additional revenue stream through the Booktrack store.

Full-featured Booktrack titles can be embedded and showcased on websites and social streams thanks to HTML5 integration, which is not only attractive to enthusiasts, but also to publishers keen to revitalize existing titles.

After New York University & Auckland University Studies showed that reading with Booktrack technology gives an instant increase in comprehension (17%) and engagement (30%), Booktrack created an education platform Booktrack Classroom and has become one of a select few Google for Education Partners.

It may not be for everyone, but the proof of the cookie is in the eating:

Since the Booktrack platform was launched nearly 2 years ago, more than 2.5 million users have tried Booktrack and more than 15,000 titles have been published in 30 different languages, while Booktrack Classroom is being used in 12,000 classrooms globally.

Best served with:

Booktrack is always looking for new deals with publishers, artists & musicians, and potential capital partners. If that sounds like you or someone you know, get in touch:


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