Shedding the veil

He has worked in silence for months, but today, for the first time, the door to the secret lair of one-man enterprise and C-PRIZE finalist Russell Donovan has been squeezed ajar.

And it reveals this:

Russellblog (2)

The man himself gives some enigmatic clues:

“Attached is a picture of one of the molds being machined on the router I have made. I had most of the bits for the router sitting around before C-Prize, but the need to machine molds and parts provided a good motivator to build it.

“The router is far from finished, but is functional enough at for now. The shop-vac has been getting a good workout!

“The downside of having a cnc router is that you keep having to feed it information, which has to be fitted in around all the other hats I have to wear, but I don’t have to wait for lead times getting machining outsourced.”

Can’t wait until test day to see what Russell produces!


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