Start-up highlights: Jan 2016

Just in time for the end of the summer holidays, here’s a small but perfectly formed start-up highlights package from the last two months.


Intellectual property and Go-to-market strategies made up the latest block course of the Sprout Agritech Accelerator. Eight teams from all around the country got together at the LIC Innovation Farm in Hamilton. Speakers include Richard Alderton (CEO Seadragon & ChangeQ) and David Chin (Territory Manager, LIC). Networking at Wintec culminated this third block course. Follow Sprout for real-time updates.

Sprout for Jan highlights

Richard Alderton, Seadragon and ChangeQ CEO, talking to Sprout teams at LIC

Venture Up

Young entrepreneurial New Zealanders can unleash their enthusiasm for building companies at Venture Up. Over the summer break, 16-21 year old participants will engage with fellow young entrepreneurs and mentors in building teams, validating customers and products, forming partnerships, pitching, mapping growth plans, building advisory boards and showcasing their arts. Currently in week 3 of 6, you can follow their whereabouts here.


The Venture Up crew at TradeMe HQ 

Lightning Lab Updates

Just in time for the Christmas break, applications for the 2016 Lightning Lab AKL and Lightning Lab XX came to a close. Jonathan Miller, National Technology Network Manager for ICT and Francene Wineti, Maori Business & Relationships Manager participated in the screening of shortlisted teams to come to the final 10. Follow Lightning Lab for more updates!



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